Kigali, 18 November 2016

While presiding over the swearing-in of new members of Parliament today, President Kagame called on the new legislators to make their contribution to national transformation by injecting more energy in existing efforts. Barthelemy Kalinijabo, Diogene Bitunguramye and Elisabeth Mukamana today joined the lower chamber of deputies during a ceremony that took place at Parliament buildings.


“Our role is to continue working hard because we can always aim higher and do better. The top ranking of Rwanda in economy, security and other sectors is testament to the hard work of Rwandans. Your role is to play your part, add more strength in transformation of our nation. Rwanda is no longer surviving. We have survived. We are moving forward and making things work for our people. Rwanda represents the worst but also the best of what humanity is capable of. The same people responsible for our tragedy are the same responsible for creating hope for a nation that was destroyed “