On the fifth day of the RPF Presidential Campaign Chairman Paul Kagame met with supporters in Nyabugogo, Bugesera and Kicukiro.

At Nyabugogo, in the Nyarugenge district, Chairman Kagame encouraged the business people present in the crowd to keep working hard to achieve prosperity for their families and for the nation :” Nyabugogo is home to traders from across East Africa; the booming business here is what we want to continue building on in the coming years and transform this business center to increase its economic prosperity. This place is a reflection of the kind of country we want to be: open to business with our neighbours .”

The next stop on the campaign trail was Bugesera district. During the rally, Liberal Party President Mukabalisa addressed the crowd explaining why they chose Chairman Paul Kagame as their flag bearer: ” Chairman Kagame is unique in many ways. Today, we are living a dream that started 27 years ago on 1st October 1990. 23 years ago, no one would have imagined the development we see today in Bugesera which was ravaged by desertification  & poverty. 23 years on, Bugesera is now transformed.” The liberal party, along with 7 other parties in Rwanda, joined RPF in supporting Chairman Paul Kagame as their Presidential candidate.

Addressing the crowd gathered in Bugesera, Chairman Kagame said: ” Rwanda stands out for its uniqueness. We are unique because of how we have turned our tragic history around and because of the path to transformation we have chosen to be on. There are those who choose not to understand Rwanda’s uniqueness because of the role they played in Rwanda’s past. They cannot understand how a country they built to be divided has transformed itself into a strong & unified nation.”

The last stop of the day was Kicukiro where more than 100,000 supporters gathered to support the RPF Presidential candidate. Addressing the young people present, Chairman Paul Kagame said:” You are our strength. You are the leaders of today and tomorrow. Being a leader is not automatic; our youth must be raised, educated both in schools and by what surrounds them. It is our responsibility to give you opportunities but you also have to invest in yourself and build on the legacy of what this country has given you.”

Kicukiro rally was the last stop of the day, tomorrow RPF Presidential Campaign will proceed to Rulindo district and Nyarugenge.