Kigali, 28 January 2016

President Kagame today met and interacted with the Rwanda National Football Team, Amavubi at Urugwiro Village, ahead of their quarter final match against the DR Congo national team.

President Kagame advised the team to be focused, disciplined and committed:

“Know that you have the ability to win this cup but do not behave as if you have already won. Work for it and work as a team. Chances of winning are higher when you go into a game believing in your ability to win. You should not count on luck to win. Go with the determination that you must win but determination must be backed by execution. Don’t give up, but don’t be too confident. Try and do the best you can and you will reach far. Try and fail but don’t fail to try. Trying is a responsibility. Everyone loses at some point but losing is unacceptable when it is a result of you performing under your capabilities. When you do lose, you have to ask yourself whether you gave it your all and what you could have done better. That thing you hold back may be the goal.”


President Kagame assured Amavubi the entire country was behind them and reminded them that they were carrying the name of the country and for that they should not take things for granted.

“Mean business. Get the win as fast, as hard but as measured as possible keeping in mind you have even harder time ahead. Begin by believing that winning is possible, that you are as capable as your opponent, then work hard to achieve it. If the team does not uphold discipline, your talent will be replaced by the consequences of your indiscipline. You are all talented and should aim to fulfill your full potential.”

President Kagame cautioned the players that although they had achieved good results so far, the further they progressed, the harder it would become, calling for them to be more focused and disciplined.

The Amavubi National Team Coach, Johnny McKinstry said the meeting with the President was a major boost to the confidence and morale of the team, because what he told them was inspirational.

The team Captain, Emery Bayisenge said the meeting with President Kagame was a big motivation because it showed that the whole country was behind them to the very end.