Kigali, 18 March 2011

A group of 15 students from Yale University have been inspired to learn that Rwandans want to take the lead in achieving their aspirations for their country. The students are visiting Rwanda and were today granted audience with President Kagame, with whom they discussed a range of issues concerning Rwanda and the continent of Africa.

Speaking after the meeting with President Kagame, Uwamariya Clementine, a Rwandan student studying at the university said:

“We have been around and met several people and I can say that everyone is impressed to see that although this country has a sad history, the people don’t look sad; they are friendly, confident and hardworking. The President told us that Rwandans understand that they are in charge of their own destiny and I we absolutely agree.”

Jeff Kaiser who helped Clementine to organize the trip to Rwanda said:

“We have learnt a lot in Rwanda, especially from our meeting with the President concerning where Rwanda is going and his thoughts about Rwanda and Africa taking problems on without necessarily relying on the rest of the world. We have learnt things about Rwanda in school, from each other and now we have seen a lot for ourselves”.

The Minister of education, Dr. Charles Muligande who accompanied the students to the meeting said:

“The President gave the students the opportunity to ask him anything and everything and the discussions dwelt on a wide scope of issues. I observed that the students took much interest the President’s discussions on Rwanda’s vision and the resolve of Rwandans to cultivate their dignity. The President explained that Africa today is not part of global decision making because the continent is not taken seriously and that for this to happen, Africa should cease to demand for its place in the world by mere talk and start showing by action that they deserve respect”.