Kigali, 1 December 2015

President Kagame today received the outgoing World Bank Country Office Manager,Carolyn Turk, who called to bid him farewell as her tour of duty comes to an end after a four year stay.

“Rwanda’s projects are some of the best performing on the African continent and we see tangible results from the projects we have been supporting, and I feel very very happy with the impact we have made in our partnership with the Rwandan Government here.”


Carolyn Turk advised the Rwanda Government to mitigate challenges and maintain the speed of progress by ensuring investment projects continue coming and are well managed.

“These are all challenges that are well known to the Government and I feel confident that Rwanda has a great future.”

The Minister of finance paid tribute to the outgoing World Bank country manager, saying that during her tenure projects supported by the World Bank as well as the relationship between the body and the Rwanda Government grew significantly.

President Kagame also received a delegation from the African Institute for Mathematical Sciences – Next Einstein Initiative (AMIS – NEI), led by Professor Neil Turok, who are in the country to work with the Rwanda Government to establish the institute’s African Headquarter and centre of excellence in Rwanda.

“AIMS has 6 centers in Africa, but we want to make Rwanda the headquarters. Rwanda has had exceptional achievements; the infrastructure, the focus on enabling young Africans to become highly skilled as scientists; we believe that our mission resonates perfectly with President Kagame’s vision. We find this an ideal place to create a centre for enabling young Africans to become scientific, entrepreneurial and technological leaders. We believe that the best and brightest from all over Africa will be attracted here to make scientific discoveries. Our motto is that the next Einstein will be an African.”

The Minister of Education Papias Musafiri said Rwanda is honored to be considered for the headquarters of the institute because this is in line with Rwanda’s aspiration to become the regional hub of technological innovations.