Atlanta, 20 September 2014

Today in Atlanta, President Kagame addressed a gathering more than 2000 Rwandans and friends of Rwanda during the sixth edition of Rwanda Day. Themed Agaciro: Our Choice, the 6th edition of Rwanda Day focused on Rwanda’s journey in the past twenty years with a focus on the choices Rwanda made to achieve progress.

Sharing his thoughts on the significance of Agaciro for Rwanda today, President Kagame said:

“Being deprived of self worth for so long taught us the full meaning of Agaciro. Agaciro is about creating self worth. It is only achieved if all of us together value one another. Unity, standing together and holding one another accountable means we are fulfilling the responsibility of Agaciro.”

President Kagame pointed out that Rwanda still has a long way to go and urged Rwandans to continue working together solve common challenges:

“Problems will always be there, you cannot run away from them. You have to confront them. As Rwandans, you have to be prepared to face the many challenges we will face the same way we have faced the challenges in the last twenty years.”

Referring to the choices Rwandans have made to shape their destiny, President Kagame stated that Rwanda’s vision is one that looks beyond its borders:

“Rwanda chose to think big. Thinking big means thinking beyond yourself and contributing to the well being of your neighbor the same way he/she contributes to yours.” Rwanda Day event commenced with a panel discussing youth employment opportunities in Rwanda, followed by a panel moderated by Ambassador Jendayi Frazer,comprising Ambassador Andrew Young, Bernice King, John Hope Bryant, Minister Mushikiwabo and Francis Gatare, which expounded on the meaning of global dignity.

Noting the values that have been the foundation of Rwanda’s development, Ambassador Young pointed to the importance of leadership:

“We appreciate the true leadership that we have been blessed with in President Kagame. Thank you for your vision and most of all for peace in Rwanda. Rwanda is one of the few countries where I could live happily, invest, raise my children and enjoy peace and prosperity.”

Earlier in the day, President Kagame convened the Presidential Advisory Council that discussed Rwanda’s progress to date, including the importance of increasing Rwanda’s exports. The Presidential Advisory Council also discussed the continuous role of Rwanda in providing peacekeepers worldwide, which puts the country at the 5th position in the world among leading contributors of peacekeepers.

President Kagame ended the 6th edition of Rwanda Day with the promise to honor the diaspora request to return for more Rwanda Day.