Washington DC, 29 March

On the final day of his working visit to the Washington DC. President Kagame was hosted to a luncheon by members of the Atlantic Council, a council that promotes constructive U.S leadership and engagement in international affairs.

Bringing the Council together, the meeting covered a range of issues including business investments and reforms carried out in Rwanda.

President Kagame was received by the Atlantic Council Chairman, Senator Chuck Hagel, who expressed his gratitude on behalf of the Council for the opportunity to engage in a conversation expected to be beneficial in strengthening the different ties between Rwanda and the US.

“I think everybody in this room knows something about President Kagame and what he has done for the country, for his society but it goes well beyond the borders of Rwanda when you look at the continent of Africa.”

Senator Hagel emphasized, “The importance of leadership cannot be understated, underestimated or underappreciated. Technology, institutions governments all give us resources to make a difference but it is the individuals; the leader who makes the difference and President Kagame has done that in immeasurable ways and has gone far beyond the borders of his country.”

Addressing the council, President Kagame shared his appreciation and that of his countrymen for the continued collaboration between the two countries. Through partnerships built on dialogues such as meetings such as that of the Atlantic council, President Kagame went on to emphasize that, “Rwanda is changing, Africa is changing, both for the better, and certainly the future is even brighter.”

“We want to see Africa take its rightful position in global affairs, as a participant and player in the global community – not a victim. Not a continent always waiting to benefit from the generosity of others.”

We have been learning lessons, Africa is changing bcoz pple are trying to address these mistakes of the past, but in the same way for Africa to be better and participate better in global I think lessons need to be learnt for others as well. Those who deal with Africa partner with Africa and invest in Africa. All if us in my view have learnt lessons or are expecting to learn lessons on how we can make this partnership more meaningful in the sense that it would contribute better to the stability that we want to build globally”.

President Kagame was accompanied by Rwanda’s Ambassador to the United States James Kimonyo and CEO of the Rwanda Development Board John Gara.