Chairman Paul Kagame, on day ten of the RPF Presidential Campaign, travelled to the Western Province where hundreds of thousands of RPF supporters gathered in Rutsiro District to welcome their Presidential candidate on his first stop of the day.

Giving a testimony about his journey from poor student to graduate in Mathematics, one of the residents of Rutsiro, Jean de Dieu Maniraguha, thanked Chairman Kagame for RPF’s education for all policy. Maniraguha received support from RPF to complete his studies.

During his address, Chairman Kagame told the people of Rutsiro:” I am happy to be here with you to discuss how we are shaping the Rwanda we want. RPF’s candidate is also the candidate of 8 political parties who have chosen to work with us in shaping the Rwanda we want. When we say: together, there is no fight we cannot win; we mean the fight against poverty, towards prosperity.”

On the subject of democracy, Chairman Kagame said: “Democracy is when we, Rwandans, can all together decide on how to build the Rwanda. Democracy is when we can hold our leaders accountable. Democracy is when we can gather like this & appreciate what we have achieved so far and plan for our future.”

The next stop on the campaign trail was Karongi district where Chairman Paul Kagame was welcomed by thousands of RPF supporters gathered at the site.

Addressing the crowd, Chairman Kagame said:” It has been only a few years since we have started to feel ownership of our country. Our country is ours! During colonial times, people came from very far to tell us that we didn’t own our very own country. The leaders of our country are at the service of all Rwandans. We are a people we deserve to be. We take our destiny in our hands.”

The district of Karongi has a population of 335,150 and has seen considerable development in the last seven years. In Agriculture, the number of cows distributed under the Girinka program increased from 1,138 to 6,329. In the energy sector, a methane power plan was constructed in Lake Kivu.