Kigali, 13 August 2015

President Kagame today, at Parliament officiated the annual signing of Imihigo by Local and Central Government. In his address, President Kagame reminded the leaders that despite there being an improvement in the country, Rwandans still need to put more effort in everything they do.

 “There is no doubt whatsoever that Imihigo (signing of performance contracts) are visibly accelerating Rwanda’s development and ensuring no one is left behind. It is important to understand the progress we’re making in the context of the world we live in and the complexity of challenges Rwanda faces.”

President Kagame congratulated the top achieving districts and asked those that did not do well to work hard, but in all, commended everyone for a job well done. “There is always a reason why there are best performers and those who lag behind. We need more explanation as to why there are districts that are always last.”

President Kagame spoke on General Karake Karenzi’s returning home as a good step. The President told the leaders that Rwanda still needed more information on the General’s arrest;

“This Rwanda is owed mountains of debt by people who have put it where it is; it can’t be that these same people come around and turn it upside down – we just have to reject it, we can’t accept it. So as we sign performance contracts to develop our country we must always bear in mind the complex nature of the world we live in and the context we operate in. I think we should be up to the task as much as it is always going to take a toll and we should expect it to continue.”

The Minister of Local Government enumerated achievements registered by local leaders, among them agriculture, water and electricity accessibility, improving service delivery, poverty reduction among others.

Huye, Ngoma, Ngororero and Nyanza emerged as best performers in the past Imihigo performance.