Musanze, 11 June 2013

President Kagame addressed over four hundred opinion leaders during a meeting held on the first day of his two day visit to Musanze District in the Northern Province.

President Kagame urged all leaders present to play their role in achieving both individual and national self reliance:

“We cannot wait to be given development. We must do what we can today and work hard to have what we want tomorrow.”

President Kagame then pointed to the continued imbalance between developed and developing nations:

“Those who are developed today, worked hard to be where they are, but to ensure that we remain dependent, they ordered developing nations to do as they were told. They told us our neighbor was our enemy, encouraged us to kill each other, took our resources and later gave some of it to us as aid. And we accepted it. ”


President Kagame concluded by emphasizing the role of each leader in settling for nothing short of the highest targets:

It is not enough to have results; we have to aim higher and work harder and take Rwanda where it deserves to be.”