Nyaruguru, 20 February 2013

President Kagame ended his Southern Province tour in the district of Nyaruguru where he addressed tens of thousands of residents and encouraged them to continue on the path to progress.

“What you have accomplished in Nyaruguru is not a gift from anyone; it is as a result of your hard work and your determination. We must begin by fighting the poverty of the mind. You must believe in your ability to better your situation. No one else but ourselves can be held responsible for solving the issues we face.”


On the issue of foreign assistance, President Kagame said:

No one can teach the hungry or the poor how poverty or hunger feels? No one can want to change the situation more than they do. The primary responsibility to transform our nation lies with us. Foreign assistance should not be one that strips us of f our dignity. It must build on our own resources and partner with us in achieving our goals. The question is, “ are we prepared to look for answers within us and to work to achieve self reliance?”

The President had a specific message for Rwanda youth:

You are benefiting from more than your elders ever did. It is your responsibility to shape Rwanda’s future. We believe in your ability to transform our nation.”

President Kagame began the last day of the Southern Province with a visit to the Educational Institute for the Blind where 110 visually impaired students are enrolled. The students welcomed President Kagame with dances before showing him the various facilities ranging from computer laboratory to library.

We pledge our support to you. Your handicap should not be an obstacle to you becoming the very best that you can be.”

President Kagame later pointed to these students as an inspiration to all know that there is no limit to what can be achieved and a call for no one to be left behind as the country moves forward.

The Educational Institute for the Blind began operating in 2008 and was established by Polish Franciscan sisters.

President Kagame concluded the day by pledging continuous support and urging all present to continue working together to lead Rwanda to become the best it can be.