Toronto, 28 September 2013

Over three thousands Rwandans and Friends of Rwanda gathered to welcome President Kagame to Toronto for the fifth edition of Rwanda Day.

Addressing the cheering crowd, President Kagame thanked those present and began by challenging Rwandans to define the kind of Rwandan they aimed to become:

“We must ask ourselves what kind of Rwandan we want to be. We believe in being Rwandans defined by dignity in a safe and prosperous nation.”

President Kagame pointed to the existing bias amongst those who continue to equate Africa with failure and emphasized the need for Rwanda to determine its own path:

“Those who are surprised by Rwanda’s achievements believe success is an anomaly for African nations. They believe African nations must follow a path defined by others. Rwanda did not choose the path of development to win a prize. We do not choose to fight corruption to please others. We have chosen this path for ourselves because we believe in doing the best for all Rwandans.”


Pointing to Rwanda’s economic achievements in the past decades, President Kagame called on all present to continue contributing towards progress:

“Rwanda is each of you. Its future is our collective responsibility.”

Themed Agaciro: Investing in our future, the fifth edition of Rwanda Day took place in the city of Toronto. The day began with a panel presentation titled “Investing in our Future” where Rwandans and Friends of Rwanda from various sectors shared their stories of social and economic investment in Rwanda.