Nyabihu District, 5 June 2014

President Kagame today visited the District of Nyabihu, Western Province where he officially launched a hydro-electricity power plant and met and interacted with residents of the District.

Addressing the residents, President Kagame said problems faced by the District were shared by the entire country and advised that solutions to the problems should be sought through partnership with private sector and implementation should be expedited.

“No one wants to be poor, that is the reason why we should not delay projects aimed at eradicating poverty. There should be no reason whatsoever why we should not move fast towards implementing projects that will make our lives better.”


President Kagame urged leaders to put more energy in finding solutions to problems facing their people, instead of merely enumerating the problems.

“A country like ours that wants to get out of poverty fast has to move fast, considering the journey ahead. We have achieved a lot, but we should not take this as a reason to slow down. We have to increase the pace to cover the long journey ahead of us.”

President Kagame urged Nyabihu residents to cooperate with security organs to foster security and safety to enhance development:

“Those who were unable to run the country and chose to run away are the same ones attempting to compromise our development. Why harm innocent Rwandan men, women and children? We cannot allow anyone to compromise our security and our development. It starts with each of you playing your role.”

President Kagame asked the people of Nyabihu to improve their Agriculture and move from subsistence farming to commercial farming so they can get enough to eat and surplus to earn them revenue.

President Kagame concluded by pledging Government support in providing the necessary infrastructure to enable development of the District.