Kigali, 13 January 2013

Speaking today at Serena Hotel during the annual National Leaders Prayer Breakfast hosted by the Rwanda Leaders Fellowship, President Kagame asked Rwandans and Africans to take responsibility for shaping their own destiny and transforming their nation.

“Dependency takes away our dignity and leaves behind an empty shell. As Rwandans and as Africans, we must refuse to be defined by failure.

President Kagame thanked the organizers of the National Leaders’ Prayer Breakfast, reminding them that giving thanks for what Rwandans have achieved and for the many challenges they have survived is important but not enough:

“Building Rwanda is not in anyone else’s interest but our own.We must do more than be thankful for our achievements. Rwandan leaders should not be satisfied by illusions, if you do, you will end up with nothing. We must double our efforts and work hard to achieve more.”

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President Kagame reminded all present that Africans should always remember that no human being is superior to another:


“We can have a conversation, we can debate but you can never dictate to me what is good for me. Human beings, wherever they are from, cannot act like God towards us. They dictate what we must do in our countries, they teach us about freedom yet they are the first to stand in the way of our freedom.

We must know what to live and die for. I would rather be a victim of questioning than a victim of blind obedience,” President Kagame concluded.