President Kagame thanked delegations from across the world including South Africa, Korea and China for joining RPF at this historic moment.

President Paul Kagame bestowed upon President Museveni the Honorary senior RPF membership:

“We say this with sense of having been connected to the struggle for the liberation of Uganda and our leaders and cadres drew a lot of experience from you personally and from their brothers and sisters in Uganda.”

President Kagame called for greater unity, collaboration and solidarity within African people in order to command respect from other nations of the world and to create conditions for social economic development of their peoples:

“We owe it to our people and cannot afford to fail because we set ourselves the task to deliver to the expectations of the people and we are ready to work to achieve this success and solidarity.”

In his keynote address, President Museveni congratulated President Kagame and members of RPF on the 25th Anniversary:

“I congratulate you for turning a hopeless situation into a situation of hope. People who believe African people are divided are ideologically disoriented…our interests as a human beings are economic security, prosperity and development. Rwanda came back to the great Lakes Region when RPF took over, before, Rwanda belonged to the Belgians. I salute RPF for the sacrifices you made to liberate Rwanda, end sectarianism and rejoin the Great Lakes Region.”

Referring to the continuous division within and among African countries, President Museveni called upon all Africans to look beyond artificial divisions and ask themselves who the real beneficiary of sectarianism is. President Museveni congratulated RPF members for emphasizing their regional identity.