On Day 7 of the RPF Presidential Campaign, Chairman Paul Kagame toured the Eastern Province stopping by two sites in the Nyagatare district, one in Gatsibo and the last one in Kayonza.

In Nyagatare, more than 100, 000 RPF supporters were gathered to welcome Chairman Paul Kagame. Testifying about the impact of RPF in changing mindsets,  Nyagatare resident Rose Nikombabonye told the crowd about how she decided to become an entrepreneur and built a successful business in agriculture that  employs 50 people and she was able to buy five cars and build houses.

Talking about the shared history between RPF and Nyagatare district, Chairman Kagame said :” This is a region where we have a long history. We fought hard to reach victory. We then rebuilt  this region and we are still building it. We have come a long way and  we still have a long way to go, but I know that you are ready to walk this path.”

The campaign rally continues in Nyagatare at the Univesity ground where close to 200,000 RPF supporters were gathered to welcome Chairman Kagame. Over the last 7 years, marshland development in Nyagatare increased over four folds from 500 ha to 2,850 ha. In the education sector, one University and 620 classrooms were constructed in the same time period.

Next stop on the campaign rally was Gatsibo district. Talking about the resilience of the people of Rwanda, Chairman Kagame told the residents that :” We can endure any challenges we face because they are leading us to an even better future.” The district has benefited from advances in technology where now all the 14 sectors of the district are connected to the fibre optic backbone network.

The fourth and final campaign site for the day was Kayonza. Chairman Kagame addressing the supporters at the site said:”You asked me to run and I accepted. Neither you or I will disappoint as we move forward in building this country. We are building this country on an unshakable foundation.” In the last 7 years, Kayonza has seen progress in Agriculture where 64,000 ha of land were consolidated through the crop intensification program, up from 24, 000 in 2010. In the health sector, the number of health posts went from 4 in 2010 to 15 in 2017.

The Presidential Campaign continues in the Eastern Province where Chairman Paul Kagame will meet with RPF supporters in Kirehe, Ngoma and Rwamagana districts.