Today, RPF Chairman Paul Kagame joined Gasabo district RPF supporters and other residents of Kigali city for the last rally of the RPF Presidential¬†¬†campaign. Addressing the crowd gathered at the site, Chairman Kagame said:” People ask if without Kagame Rwanda will still have peace, my question is did we have peace before Kagame? We have surmounted many challenges and we will not waste any lessons. By now they should know us: they should know that Rwandans do not get dictated to. We choose our own path” He further added:” Some call our clean cities the result of dictatorship. This shows the disdain they have for Africans; they believe Africans and Rwandans deserve to live in dirty cities, it is this mentality they apply to our politics. We are making our own choices and we will face their consequences the same way we faced and overcame the tragedy they caused.”

Drawing from the RPF manifesto for the upcoming seven years mandate, Chairman Kagame said: ” Voting RPF means voting unity, transformation, women empowerment.”

Following his address, RPF Chairman Kagame joined over 500,000 RPF supporters in celebrations at the campaign rally.

The district of Gasabo, one of the three districts of Kigali City, has seen the completion of several large scale infrastructure projects in the last few years. One of the main projects is the construction of Kigali Convention Center which hosted 23 international conferences so far, attracted 14,000 delegates and generated 21 million USD. Other developments that largely improved the population’s well being are access to electricity that increased from 47% to 93.6% while access to clean water rose from 59% to 88.7 %.