Today RPF Chairman Paul Kagame took the presidential campaign rally in the Northern Province, Burera and Gakenke districts.

At the Burera site, over 100,000 RPF supporters cheered and waved their flags as they welcomed Chairman Kagame to their district.

Addressing the crowd, Chairman Kagame said: “We fought and won battles here in Burera, we are now working to build this country. Once  we make the right choice on 4th August, we have to continue the hard work needed to achieve prosperity.”

Urging RPF supporters to go out and vote on election day, Chairman Kagame said: “Voting means the freedom to choose: choose good politics, education, health, prosperity.  We have everything within our hands to succeed. We will not fail ourselves. What is ahead of us is hard work to ensure there is nothing standing in the way of every Rwandan improving their lives”

In regards to achieving development, the District of Burera has seen considerable change in the last few years, having achieved above national average in terms of health with 98% of residents insured through Mutuelle and   access to clean water where they also stand above national average with 85.3% .

Next stop on the campaign trail was the district of Gakenke where Chairman Kagame was greeted by over 100,000 Gakenke RPF supporters.

Following testimonies from residents of the region, RPF Chairman Kagame told the crowd:” The progress under RPF leadership you have heard about is real: RPF Inkotanyi walks the talk & delivers on its promises” He then added: “We want to leave our tragic past behind and work hard to build the kind of future we deserve. The responsibility to transform our nation is ours; others may come & help but the foundation of it all is each of us.”

RPF Chairman Kagame thanked the RPF supporters of Gakenke for their support of RPF programs and challenged them to  take ownership of their country’s destiny: “You are the foundation of our progress, without you security, transformation, unity would not be possible. Being told how we should live & who should lead us lasted too long in our and Africa’s history. If the choices of those who give us lessons were the right ones, why didn’t those choices lead to transformation?”

The last seven years under RPF leadership led to sensible improvements in the District of Burera, namely in terms of health where  97% of women give bith at health facilities, an increase from 66% in 2010.