President Ursula von der Leyen, we are very pleased to welcome you and your delegation to Rwanda.

The President and I had very productive discussions.

Rwanda and the European Union have been strong partners, in fact friends, for a long time.

Over the years, we have also deepened our cooperation across a wide range of sectors.

The two agreements signed today on pharma manufacturing and critical raw materials are a case in point. There are many more things we work very closely on.

As a continent, we still rely heavily on imports for vaccines and medicines.

We want to change this, and the long-term solution is to strengthen our manufacturing and scientific capacity.

Again, the European Union has been very active in this, trying to support us in this development.

Earlier today, the President and I attended the inauguration of BioNTech’s vaccine manufacturing site.

The European Union, and President von der Leyen personally, helped to make this a reality.

I want to thank the President for being with us to mark this milestone.

The joint declaration with the European Investment Bank on critical raw materials reinforces Rwanda’s commitment to sustainably and transparently develop our mineral resources.

We are especially focused on processing the materials needed for the global energy transition.

I am also pleased to share that Rwanda signed the Samoa Agreement today.

Madame President, once again, I very much thank you for visiting us on this particular occasion, which goes a long way to cement further our relationship.

So, thank you for finding the time to be with us on this day and giving us an opportunity to thank you directly for your support.

May I now invite you to make the remarks you wish to make.