Kigali, 29 March 2015

President Kagame and First Lady today joined Unity Club members for the Women’s Day Celebrations dinner which was held at Serena and organized by the Unity Club (UC) and Rwanda Leaders Network (RWLN).

President Kagame thanked members of the Unity Club and other Rwandans who have dedicated their time to promote unity and reconciliation in the Rwandan society. President Kagame said that promoting gender equality is not just about numbers and statistics, but also the responsibility that we have for each other.

“The theme of International Women’s Day this year, Make It Happen is what Rwandans and especially Rwandan women have done and continue to do, every day. Promoting gender equality does not take place in isolation. It is an integral part of our national commitment. Any place, that does not make gender equality a priority, is probably getting other important things wrong too.”

“Women who are seizing opportunities should use those gains, to make an even greater impact, in the lives of other women. Violence against women is not a Rwandan culture and it will not be tolerated. We have a responsibility to apply the law not to support it. It should be clear that Rwandans need to respect each other and their spouses. It is said that men are the head of families, but you must know that women are the heart of our families and not assistants to men. Both men and women should compliment each other and not shame one another so that Rwanda can accomplish so much more.”The President added

President Kagame reminded the members that that men and women need to continue working together so that the country’s future generation may have good families and a bright future.

Notes to editors 

Unity Club “Intwararumuri,” is a Rwandan non-governmental organization whose effective full membership is made up of female spouses of former and current cabinet ministers as well as former and current women ministers. There are also associate members composed of spouses of effective members.

UC’s mission is to harness unity and peace as a strong foundation on which to build sustainable national development which can only be obtained if all Rwandans, men and women alike, are united, are at peace with one another, and are enjoying by right to equal opportunities. Among its main objectives is to significantly contribute to the promotion of empowerment of Rwandan women in general, and to the promotion of gender equality through creation of equal opportunities for all in particular.

Rwanda Women Leaders Network (RWLN) is a platform that brings together women leaders and achievers to share experiences and ideas on how to exploit their potentials and to nurture young women towards the development of the nation.