Kigali, 1st April 2011

After visiting Rwanda and witnessing what the people have managed to achieve in the last 16 years, members of ‘Unity Is Strength Foundation’ have decided to organize an international peace conference in Rwanda. The conference will be aimed at letting the world see that the country is different from what is sometimes written in the media.

Speaking to the Press after meeting President Paul Kagame, Sergio Belfor, Founder and Executive Director of “UnityIs Strength Foundation”, said:

“We have been to the north, south, east and west of Rwanda and we have to share that special thing that this country has and bring it across. The process of reconciliation in this country is incredible. There is still a lot to be done, but the country is preparing itself for its future based on unity and forgiveness, a thing that even us Europeans have failed to do. It’s difficult to tell someone who killed your father and mother that you forgive him but this has happened here”.

The Minister of Justice, Tharcisse Karugarama, said the delegation was able to visit Rwandan youth from different backgrounds during the four days of their stay in the country and the encounter has enabled them to learn a lot about Rwanda:

“This organization of young people from different backgrounds awarded Rwanda the ‘Diversity Award’ in recognition of the country’s efforts to build a society that draws strength from its diversity through unity and reconciliation.  Basing on what they have seen, they have pledged to share their experiences with their countrymen and this will go a long way in clearing some misrepresentations existing on Rwanda”.