Good afternoon.

I thank UNESCO and the Co-Chairs of the SDG Advocates Group, for convening this important consultation.

Our countries are in the midst of determining how to safely re-launch learning in the context of the Covid pandemic, and mitigate the longer-term effects on education outcomes.

The priority actions outlined by UNESCO cover the key areas requiring our urgent attention. Ensuring the health and safety of learners is paramount.

The stakes are very high for African countries, where the youth population is growing.

This means finding creative ways to not only protect education financing, but also increase it.

In Rwanda, we are counting on close collaboration between national stakeholders, including clear communication with citizens, to help us stay focused on achieving the Sustainable Development Goals.

International cooperation with UNESCO, the African Union, and other global partners, is an important part of these efforts.

I thank you for drawing attention to the critical issue of education, as we play our part in building an education system for the future.

Thank you.