Kigali, 7 October 2011

Ubutwari bwo Kubaho association, a Huye based women association have won the Unity Ward 2011 for their exemplary efforts in promoting unity, reconciliation and improving the lives of its members.

The Award was presented to the association by the chairperson of Unity Club, First Lady, Mrs. Jeannette Kagame, during a dinner gala hosted by Unity Club.

President Kagame, who was the guest of honor at the dinner gala, noted that Rwandans have a lot to learn from Ubutwari bwo Kubaho association.

He said: “The path to building a united country wasn’t easy but achievable – the path of unity and reconciliation has made Rwanda a successful nation. Members of this association were courageous to live at a time when most survivors had lost hope of living”.


President Kagame thanked Unity Club for living up to its original goal of fostering unity.

President Kagame, however, pointed out that Rwanda’s progress shouldn’t be looked at as a miracle, but rather a reflection of what a well-led country should be: “All Rwandans, today, enjoy equal rights and opportunities, and deserve to be treated the same”.

Challenging leaders to ensure that the Rwandan people live a good life and that their rights are respected, President Kagame emphasized that a positive trend should be maintained, to guarantee a better future for the nation.