Kigali, 5 December 2016

While launching two newly constructed multimillion buildings in the city today, President Kagame said the transformation of any country can only be realized through people coming together to pool energy and resources to achieve their goals. President Kagame was launching the Champion Investment Corporation Complex, a commercial building owned by 56 Rwandan investors working under the Champions Investment Company, and Kigali Heights, an ultra modern multi use commercial building which is owned by an assortment of Rwandan and foreign shareholders.


After inaugurating the Champion Investment Corporation Complex in the city center, President Kagame urged the Rwandan investors to do even more for the good of the country and their own good. President Kagame stated that no one should expect donors to build a commercial complex like CHIC for them, and thanked the investors for investing their own resources.

While interacting with shareholders of Kigali Heights after inauguration, President Kagame said:

Government’s responsibility is to ensure everyone can do business fairly and thrive. When you succeed, we succeed. That is why business is government’s business. This project is following through on what the struggle was about, a developed and prosperous nation. Thank you to the team that has made this beautiful project materialise. This is how transformation is achieved.”

The construction of Champion Investment Corporation complex cost the Rwandan shareholders more than 20 Billion while Kigali Heights cost more than $40 Million.