Kigali, 6 November 2015

President has said that although Rwanda is proud of the progress achieved so far, Rwandans should take this as an opportunity to continue drawing lessons from our past. President Kagame made this remarks where he and First Lady Jeannette Kagame attended the 8th Unity Club Annual Forum dinner to honour Rwandans who have dedicated their time to promote reconciliation and unity in Rwanda: “We were robbed of our humanity and our identity and transformed into subjects whose life must be decided by others. They put us on a lifeline through which they administer drops of humanity. But we plugged ourselves to that lifeline. The Church has asked for forgiveness for all crimes except those they committed in Rwanda. Are we less deserving of apologies? To give yourself dignity means fighting for it because there is no better alternative. Our role is to protect all citizens equally regardless of their faith. Leaders should not believe they are superior whether in front of God or those they serve.”

Seventeen people received the Unity Award for being exemplary in promotion of justice and unity in the country.

“Congratulations to the Unity Club awardees tonight and thank you for your strength and courage. People may call us heroes but your sacrifice is greater than any of ours. You watched your families as they were killed yet you had the strength to live on and care for those around you. Your courage is incomparable. This country was destroyed by the unimaginable and it will be rebuilt by the unconventional. The drive to transform Rwanda is fuelled by anger and the determination to never be victims again. We must be driven by the desire for the well being of every Rwandan, not our personal interest. Transformation can only be realized when it is inclusive.”

President Kagame concluded his remarks by urging Rwandan leaders; “to strive to achieve more for citizens of Rwanda.”