Nyamasheke, 29 July 2010

Only a month after visiting Nyamasheke district to congratulate its citizens for ranking first in reaching the goals set by local government in the Imihigo program, President Kagame was received by a large crowd pledging to take their accomplishments to an even better and higher level. To show that this success translates to an individual level, Adeline Mukabusunyu also shared her story.

As the winner of the first prize for entrepreneurship in the district, Adeline is the founder of Umwezi organization a wine and juice manufacturing company that now employs fifteen people and allows her to make 80,000RWF per month. In the RPF effort to spread the use of technology in the manufacturing industry, Adeline has now become the beneficiary of a loan for a juice and wine making machine that will allow her to produce per day what she produced in one month with a handmade machine. She is now preparing herself to expand her products nationally and internationally.

In the presence of such an accomplished population in the main fields of health, education, good governance and agriculture, President Kagame could not help but show his joy at the undeniable progress that good leadership has brought to Nyamasheke, it is great to be back among you so soon he began, because you have all become an example for the entire nation and proof that the RPF leadership does indeed walk the talk. President Kagame pledged his continuous support to the citizens of Nyamasheke and promised that he will continue to join hands with the local government to bring more resources that will serve as stepping stones to higher grounds. He left the crowd with the message lets celebrate your remarkable accomplishments and lets find the strength in the knowledge that when there is a will there is a way and together we will reach our goals.

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