On the last stop of Chairman Kagame’s campaign in the Western Province, RPF supporters gathered to welcome their Presidential candidate at Kigabiro site, Nyamasheke district.

Upon arrival, Chairman Kagame thanked the supporters for such a big turn up and encouraged them to vote for continuity in the upcoming elections:” Thank you for coming in big numbers to show support to RPF. We are putting back the right to choose in the hands of Rwandans. That is what we will be reaffirming on 4th August.”

Addressing the progress that has been achieved in the country so far, Chairman Kagame urged RPF supporters to work hard at upholding Rwanda’s unity and democracy: “We have spent the last 23 years in reconstructing our country; we will do even more in years to come. One of the many benefits of unity and working together is that together there is no fight we cannot win. Democracy is when we may differ on ways to go about building our country but still work together. “

In the last few years, the district of Nyamasheke has seen improvements in different sectors; namely in agriculture where production volume of major crops such as cassava, maize and beans has quadrupled in the last seven years. In the health sector, 93.3% of the population is covered by insurance.