Kinazi, Ruhango – 16 April 2012

President Kagame today told residents of Ruhango District in the Southern Province that Rwandans have the capacity to change their lives for the better. He was speaking to thousands of citizens gathered at Kinazi, following a tour of the new Kinazi Referral Hospital and inaugurating a modern Cassava Milling Factory that is set to produce 40 tonnes of flour daily from locally produced roots.

President Kagame said that Rwanda can be just like nations that have succeeded, prospered and are now feeding other countries. He referred to Ms. Mukarugambwa, a Ruhango resident who had told the gathering her story of moving from poverty to self-sufficiency, and said that every Rwandan had the opportunity to follow the example.

He pointed out that the government was providing means, partnership and guidance but it was up to citizens to cease this support in order to improve their lives and in turn that of the country.

President Kagame said that Rwanda had made significant progress in the last decade and a half, and that although there was still a long way to go, in the future all should have the satisfaction of looking back and seeing how far the country had come. He added that Rwanda has been poor for too long and this was the time to leave problems behind and instead focus on solutions.

President Kagame asked the residents to protect the gains the country has made saying that no one should be allowed to destroy Rwanda’s security, identity, culture, infrastructure or threaten the lives and livelihood of Rwandans.