Karongi, 19 June 2015

President Kagame ended his tour of the Western Province with a meeting with thousands of residents of Karongi.

Speaking on the Karongi’s potential to achieve greater economic growth, President Kagame urged Karongi residents to build on the resources available.

“There is still a long way to go but it is not because we lack the resources to do better. There is no challenge that we cannot solve through hard work. But it takes action from each of you. We need to safeguard and build on the resources we do have, starting with our security.”

President Kagame added that the stability Rwanda has achieved is not enough on its own.

“Having security when we have poverty, hunger and disease is not enough,” President Kagame said adding that security without transformation is not sufficient and transformation without security is not sustainable.


With eighty percent of Karongi under the age of 40,President Kagame described youth as key to achieving growth:

“Youth, you are the solutions to your own challenges,” President Kagame said adding that with the right opportunities, young people in Karongi have the ability to transform the region.

President Kagame toured Western Province for two days visiting Karongi and Rutsiro where he met with tens of thousands of residents as well as opinion leaders of both districts.