Kigali, 8 February 2013

President Kagame today said that RPF as a party has achieved more than what can be achieved in 25 years. President Kagame was addressing the RPF extended National Executive Committee which convened at the Amahoro mini-stadium:

“RPF members committed to achieve objectives without waiting on each other but complementing each other. That is why we managed to achieve what we have achieved in such a short time. The RPF I know can be hurt but can never be broken.”



Concerning the issue of the ongoing Congo crisis, President Kagame said the reason why the problems in Congo don’t get solved is because people tend to separate Eastern Congo from Congo itself as if it is not part of Congo.

“It should be understood that this is a Congolese problem and also a regional problem. However, the ongoing crisis was mainly orchestrated to cause problems for Rwanda as evidenced by the way the so called UN experts did their report hurriedly and decisions were made against Rwanda long before the report was even concluded and without allowing Rwanda to defend herself against the accusations. But people should get used to the fact that Rwandans are not people who will accept to be accused of wrong doing when they know they have not done any wrong.”

On the issue of succession, President Kagame said that the RPF should aim at finding a formula that will ensure change, continuity and stability.

President Kagame called on the young people to always endeavor to live with dignity, if they don’t want to be taken for granted:

“You will realise that it is much easier to live without dignity than to live with dignity. In RPF we wish that all Rwandans live with the dignity that others have taken for granted. We want a decent life, a life of dignity. Some have taken dignity for granted and believe they can now decide who should have the same or not…Rights are not a textbook issue. Rights are a life lived by people and you can’t be the one to decide it for us. How better off would you be if you accepted to be made guilty of crimes you did not commit?”

President Kagame said that living and identifying with the people is the best defense that Rwanda will ever have:

“Rwanda emerges unscathed from all turmoil because we are right and correct and importantly, we are one with our people. The measure of leadership is how you connect with people and inspire them to deal with challenges facing them.”