Nyabihu, 23 July 2010

President Kagame today in Nyabihu said that the right choices have led to unprecedented progress in the district which is unrecognizable from ten years ago, and promised that seven years from now the area will have transformed even further, “… those referred to as needy in the past can today sustain themselves. This has been possible because you made the right choices with the RPF, you chose good politics eliminates injustice and poverty, and that aims for development of all Rwandans”.

President Kagame said urged residents to do the right thing when time comes and choose the party and candidate that will not disappoint but that will press forward and build on achievements already registered, “People of Nyabihu, you all know that together we can achieve what we want – we want development, we want dignity for all Rwandans – the best is yet to come!”