Kigali, 3 August 2012

The outgoing Dutch Ambassador to Rwanda, FransMakken has said that contrary to media reports, the Dutch Government did not suspend aid to Rwanda because there was no aid due for disbursement. Ambassador Frans Makken clarified this after bidding farewell to President Kagame at Village Urugwiro, as his tour of duty has come to an end.

Speaking to journalists, Ambassador Frans Makken said:

What happened is that the Dutch Government decided that it will not make any decision on aid until Rwanda pronounces itself on the UN accusations. We think that Rwanda has made an extremely serious response that has satisfied us. Rwanda has been serious and open about everything and has been seen to be keen on finding a solution and we think that things might change in the coming weeks.”


On his tenure as Ambassador of his country to Rwanda, Ambassador Frans Makken said:

“During our meeting the President made a statement about a hurricane that comes and blows everything away and at the end passes, leaving you to pick the pieces and continue with your life. I would make the same comparison about my stay in Rwanda. Our relationship has been bumpy sometimes but generally it has been good. Despite criticisms, Rwanda has deservedly remained on the list of the 15 nations meriting assistance from the Netherlands.