Kigali, 2 April 2015

At a press conference held at Urugwiro Village, President Kagame said that Rwandan lives and the future of a nation should not be defined by term limits:

“How did it become that the lives of Rwandans can be switched off or on by term limits? You are trivialising lives, culture or national interest. It’s as if Rwandan lives and their future is hinged on the question of going or not going. Let Rwandans mind their own affairs. Rwandans are not grass you dry up and set fire on. We are a proud people and we should be left to decide our own business.”

While answering questions from journalists, President Kagame shared that he belongs to the school of thoughts that believe term limits should not be removed:

“I have not raised a complaint at all, to anyone. I have not told anybody how to think or what to think. I have not and I don’t intend to. Those who want me to stay are the ones who have the task to convince me, not the ones who want me to go. They have to convince me that I have to stay or why I have to stay. Those who think nothing should be done don’t have to convince me because I have no problem with not continuing.”

“I am not in this office to serve my own interest. For now I want to do my job which is serving all Rwandans. I will leave office depending on the future of the country.” President Kagame added.

Speaking on the values of Rwanda and its vision, President Kagame cited three key principles:

Rwanda will not compromise: security, social and economic progress and the freedom and self determination of our nation.”

On the issue of holding the 21 Commemoration of the Genocide Against the Tutsi at the community level, President Kagame said;

“It is still a national event and has value to us. The fact that the activities will be held at the community level is just a different way of management. This year let us not focus on Genocide denial only. Let’s remember to focus on rebuilding our country.”

On regional integration, President Kagame pointed to the benefit of cooperation calling for integration to go even further than the region adding that the northern and central corridors are not enough and the region stands to gain from more corridors.

Concerning Rwanda and Tanzania tension, President Kagame said:

“We both work for one common objective which is integration of the whole region. My visit to Tanzania in March was not about what the media has been reporting – the visit was more forward looking in addressing working relations so that our people benefit, do more business and invest in infrastructure.”

On the terror attack on a Kenyan College which left many students dead:

“The idea of the region working together closely is pertinent to us. Every time we see such an incidence we are reminded there is a danger we need to confront so that our citizens can feel safe.”

Other pertinent issues discussed by President Kagame included Rwanda’s readiness to assist Burundi wherever needed and the continuous effort to hold officials accountable.