Kigali, 21 January 2012

President Kagame has said that the nations that cut or suspended aid to Rwanda did not do so because of the reasons frequently stated, but because of other reasons that are not talked about. While answering questions from journalists today during a press conference he held at Urugwiro Village, President Kagame said the challenges Rwandans are facing as a result the problems in Congo may be a blessing in disguise because they will adjust their mentalities and learn to do things differently.

“Suspension of aid can’t be because of the UN report or other reasons put forward because the aid was suspended even before the report was released. This should be a wakeup call to Rwandans and Africans to know that you cannot rely on generosity of others all the time. In order to deal with the challenges resulting from aid cuts, we have to make a rational approach so that we do not affect key sectors.”

President Kagame said Rwanda and Rwandans do not wish Congolese ill because a thriving and successful neighbour is what Rwanda needs to also prosper. President Kagame said that if the origin of Congolese problems was Rwanda as it is said, solutions would have been found long time ago. He pointed out that the bigger problem of Congo should not be masked by looking at Rwanda, and that those who want to help Congo should not look at it that way.

On the issue of seeking for peace in Congo, President Kagame said he thought heavy investments in military as a solution to conflicts cannot bring about sustainable solutions, giving MONUSCO, which consumes billion of dollars per year, as a good testimony to this. On the Neutral force which is expected to be deployed in Congo, President Kagame said it was a good idea since this was a force from the region, but wondered why there should be another force when there already is another one on the ground.

On the issue of having foreign forces intervene to solve crises in Africa, President Kagame said that Africans should develop capacities so that they are able to organize themselves and lead operations to bring peace on the continent. President Kagame said that in some cases you cannot blame the foreign forces taking the initiative to intervene because Africans are not able to do anything to bring about a solution.

President Kagame said those who are keen on deploying drones in Congo and other place in Africa to support peacekeeping efforts should do as they wish, but they should be able to explain how they would contribute to a sustainable solution.