Allow me to echo the other speakers, and welcome you to the Terra Carta Action Forum, and Commonwealth Breakfast.

I am very pleased to see several of our Commonwealth leaders here. I hope that we will make it a habit to gather informally like this, as the Commonwealth, on the sidelines of major international gatherings, such as COP.

As you know, at the last Commonwealth Heads of Government Meeting in Kigali, leaders recognised the Terra Carta as a blueprint for public-private collaboration in making markets sustainable for the future.

And it is fortunate that His Majesty King Charles has indicated that the important work of the Sustainable Markets Initiative shall continue as before.

Public-private partnerships are the core of any effective response to the climate emergency. The official negotiations at COP open the door to new business models, economic incentives, and scientific innovations.

But ultimately, it is companies and consumers, interacting with each other, which will translate the commitments into practical reality.

So, I strongly commend the work that is being done through the Terra Carta Action Forum, as evidenced by the broad range of CEOs and other business leaders participating here.

I look forward to our interaction this morning, and beyond, and to working closely together with you in the context of our Commonwealth family, going forward.

Thank you for your kind attention.