It has just taken a few minutes for us to be friends. I think we are going to transmit that to our two countries.

I want to take this opportunity to once again welcome the President, and her delegation, to Rwanda.

From my discussion with President Novák, it is clear that Rwanda and Hungary enjoy good bilateral relations.

We are committed to making our ties even stronger, and at this point I want to mention that Rwanda intends to open a diplomatic presence in Budapest, and very soon.

For our countries, job creation and fostering an enabling environment for business are key priorities.

Through the new agreements signed today, we are committed to building on this shared vision, and create mutually beneficial opportunities for the people of Rwanda and Hungary.

We appreciate the significant loan provided by Hungary to upgrade the Karenge Water Treatment Plant, and hope to benefit from Hungary’s expertise in water management.

Our cooperation in the field of education is also very important. So far, 40 Rwandans have received scholarships to study in Hungarian universities. Today, we have agreed to extend this program. We appreciate that.

We will also be working with Hungary to train Rwandans in the field of nuclear energy, an important component of our future energy plans.

Your Excellency, I look forward to exploring more opportunities, and to deepening our cooperation.

Once again, welcome to Rwanda, and I am looking forward to visiting Hungary, your country, hopefully very soon, and I very much thank you.

Madam President, may I now invite you to make your remarks.