Mr President, let me start by thanking you for the invitation to visit your country, this beautiful country, and for the customary warm Congolese welcome and hospitality provided to me and my entire delegation.

I am happy to be back in Brazzaville, and I look forward to visiting you in Oyo again tomorrow.

Earlier today, I had the opportunity to address both chambers of parliament, where I talked about our close ties, as a country and a people.

Over the years, we built a strong foundation, and the multiple bilateral agreements we shall be signing in addition to others demonstrate the productive ties between Rwanda and Congo.

Tomorrow, we will have a chance to strengthen this partnership even further across a range of sectors, and continue to grow together as brotherly nations.

Amidst the Covid19 pandemic, and other global crises, African countries cannot afford to do things alone. And it is in this background President that we value so much the friendship between the Congolese people and Rwandese and I value our relationship with you Mr President.

We have what it takes to address common challenges, joining forces to ensure that we continue to move our countries faster towards progress and success.

Before I ask you to allow me to offer a toast, let me once again thank you Mr President, my brother, for the kind words and generosity in all this history of our relationship, and thank you for your own contribution to the development of our continent and the struggles that have taken place before that. The struggle continues as they say, there are many challenges we have to overcome. I really most sincerely wanted to thank you, for your contribution and on that basis, we have built a very strong friendship and partnership.

May I now request all of you for a toast, to stand up; to the friendship, good health, and prosperity of the two peoples of the two countries of the continent, and the bright future that we all aspire to have.