Maputo, 24 October 2016

Good evening to you all.

I wish to start by transmitting greetings to you Mr. President, and the people of this great country Mozambique, from your brothers and sisters from Rwanda.

Secondly, let me say Mr. President, that since our arrival we have enjoyed very warm hospitality from yourself, your team and the people of Mozambique. You have made us feel very much at home and my delegation and I appreciate it.

Together, we have decided to forge stronger ties between our countries. This move is very welcome, if not indeed, overdue.

Mozambique and Rwanda share many common elements in our respective experiences, beginning with a history of liberation struggle of our people.

Our shared understanding extends to a determination to stand up for ourselves and for our continent as a whole, as we work to achieve the prosperity and dignity that our people have a right to enjoy.

Those of us who have known war and division have to remain focused when it comes to building a good politics, based on unity and stability.

And unity is not automatic, it tends to be constantly challenged from both outside and within, which makes matters even more complicated. In many cases we have seen that unity is indispensable.

It is our role as leaders, Mr President, and public servants, to show the way, live by example and make our citizens comfortable with living through uncomfortable circumstances, for the time required to deepen national cohesion.

The practical benefits of exchanging experiences and investing resources with each other, right here in Africa, is more and more obvious.

South-South cooperation is not just a slogan in today’s world, but an essential strategy for anchoring the pursuit of prosperity in national institutions that are globalised, and sovereign, in equal measure.

Mr President, Ladies and Gentlemen:

We are grateful for the invitation to visit your country and look forward to continuing to deepen our partnership further in the years ahead.

Once again I want to thank you Mr. President, for the warm welcome we have received. And more importantly, for the broad and deep discussions we have had over matters that will play a role in bringing Rwanda and Mozambique countries together, and strengthen our countries to contribute more meaningfully to our mother continent.

Thank you once again Mr President. May I now toast to your personal health, as well as the good health and stability of the people of the Republic of Mozambique.

Thank you very much.