Kigali, 11 October 2013

This evening, President Kagame attended the second edition of the Rwandan Uganda Business Forum where 75 Ugandan business leaders joined business leaders in Rwanda for a discussion aimed at strengthening investment and trade between the two nations.

President Kagame began by reminding the participants of the long standing history of partnership between Uganda and Rwanda:

“Rwandans and Ugandans were doing business with each other long before the two countries became states in the modern sense. It is only proper that we do everything possible to facilitate growth of the historical process of doing business together.Opportunities and solutions for economic growth lie within ourselves.

President Kagame then challenged the business community to do more to ensure economic growth and transformation for the people of both nations:

“The business community has the challenge and responsibility to make our economies competitive and self-sustaining. This is the only way we can truly create prosperity for our people. Greater opportunities exist & I am convinced that we have hardly tapped the business potential to any significant extent.

Pointing to the commonalities that bring Rwanda and Uganda together, President Kagame urged those present to focus on the potential that lays within:

“We are better off together and the sky is the limit.”