Kigali, 29 July 2011

President Kagame, First Lady Kagame and First Lady Janet Museveni attended the fifteenth anniversary of an organization that has been instrumental in the promotion of gender equality in Rwanda- the Rwandan Women Parliamentary Forum. It is the members of this forum, ninety-two men and women, who are behind legislations that have transformed the lives of all Rwandan women.

Addressing the attendants, First Lady Janet Museveni expressed her admiration for the Rwandan women, adding “women can do it all…you should never give up who you are.” First Lady Janet Museveni stressed the need for all African women to work together inviting Rwandan women to join hands with Ugandan women.

President Kagame who gave the keynote address told the forum members that today in Rwanda: “there are no limits to what Rwandan women and girls can achieve…sky is the limit.” Referring to gender based violence and early marriage as battles that need to continue to be fought, President Kagame reminded the audience that the responsibility of our nation is to ensure that every girl has a childhood, access to education and a brighter future.


The ceremony also included a play by young children who expressed their appreciation of the opportunity for women that are now available to men. The play saw the children vowing to follow in their leaders footsteps and thanked President Kagame and First Lady Kagame for their hard work for gender equality.