Kigali, 18 August 2014

While presiding over the Swearing in ceremony of new Ministers not present during last swearing in July, Members of Parliament and Deputy Inspector General of Police, President Kagame told all government officials present to serve every Rwandan equally and to take a stance against trafficking of young girls:

“We are here to fulfill our responsibility to the Rwandan people and ensure development of our nation. Ending trafficking of girls goes beyond law enforcement authorities; it is the responsibility of every citizen.”

President Kagame also urged the officials to initiate ways to curb increased levels of road accidents on Rwandan roads:

“The number of people who have fallen victims to road accidents is unacceptable and we need to put an end to it. The life of every individual is too valuable to be lost in accidents we have seen over the last weeks.”

President Kagame ended his speech by thanking government officials for their hard work and reminding them that team work and nationwide contribution is the secret to continue building Rwanda and serving Rwandans.

The ten new government officials sworn in today were Oda Gasinzigwa as Minister of Family and Gender Promotion, James Kabarebe as Minister of Defence, Joseph Habineza as Minister of Sports and Culture, Jean Philbert Nsengimana as Minister of Youth and ICT, Amb. Eugène-Richard Gasana as Minister of State in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Cooperation, Albert Nsengiyumva as Minister of State in the Ministry of Education in charge of Technical and Vocational Education and Training. Other appointments were; Juvenal Mbarizamunda as Deputy Inspector General of Police, Pélagie Mukantaganzwa and Giovanni Bushishi as Members of the Chamber of Deputies. New appointments also include former Minister of East Africa Cooperation, as Jacqueline Muhongayire Senator.