Musanze, 11 June 2013

This morning in Musanze, home of the mountain gorillas, President Kagame addressed thousands of residents during the last day of his two day visit in the Northern Province.

Welcoming President Kagame through her poem, Judith Mukamusoni, a 20 year old resident of Musanze, described Rwanda as a new nation:

“Today’s youth are no longer instruments used to destroy their nation but encouraged to build their future. Rwanda is one that has a vision, fights injustice and stands for unity.”

President Kagame began by thanking Musanze residents for their hard work and called on all present to always strive to achieve more for the development of their community and nation:

“Our goal is for every Rwandan to live in safety, have equal opportunity and social-economic well being.”

President Kagame added that addressing the difficulties we face at home will ensure that Rwanda is able to solve external challenges:

“As we achieve our goals, we will face challenges. Let us begin by solving those we have within ourselves starting with achieving security and stability. It begins with each of us learning to live and work with each other”.

Emphasizing the importance of every Rwandan’s contribution, President Kagame encouraged citizens to own the nation’s progress:


Your role is to believe in your own ability to transform the nation and to hold your leaders accountable for the work you have hired them to deliver.”

Speaking earlier, Mayor of Musanze, Winifrida Mpembyemungu, listed modern agriculture, growth in number of secondary schools from 5 to 50, establishment of 15 new hotels built by Musanze residents and 15 health centers now serving the district.