Gishali, 11 May 2015

President Kagame has said that with the kind of professionalism and skills they are equipped with, the Rwanda National Police should be able to put Rwandans in a state where they take their security and safety for granted. While officiating at the pass-out of the 7th intake of Police Officer Cadets at the Police Training School in Gishali today, President Kagame said Rwandans must get what they deserve:

“Rwandans deserve development, not hunger, bad governance and insecurity. Let us continue to work to deliver the development to our people. Every one of us must play their part. Police has contributed to bringing peace beyond our borders with professionalism. But it should start here. Rwandans must be able to take their security and safety for granted. You have been trained to ensure that this is the case.”


Thanking partner countries that have been working with Rwandans to build the capacity of Rwandan police officers, President Kagame warned that no matter the amount of resources made available in terms of training, equipment and knowledge, nothing would be achieved without a disciplined police force.

President Kagame asked the new police officers not the think that the training they had undergone was an end in itself:

“The toughest part begins now. This is the time to show your commitment and fulfill the expectations of the Rwandan people through exemplary service.”

The 7th Police Cadet Course kicked off on 21 April 2014 with 475 trainees, who included 65 serving police officers and 410 newly recruited civilian graduates, 7 of them helicopter pilots. President Kagame commissioned 462 Police Cadets as Rwanda National Police Officers.