Boston, 27 February 2016

President Kagame met Rwandans and friends of Rwanda in Boston, MA. President.

Held in Boston, the event attracted an audience from across North America some travelling as far as from California and Canada.

Following welcoming remarks from the representative of the Boston community, Dr. Jean Claude Mugunga, and an introduction by Ambassador Mukantabana,  President Kagame addressed those present on the need to reflect and to understand the choices that we make individually and for the nation.

President Kagame spoke on his priority to serve Rwandans before anyone else.

“I am not interested in those making noise. I am working for my country. Those who distort my efforts fuel my will to work harder for my country.”


Rwanda is criticized for its unique accomplishments: our unity as one people and our ability to overcome what has divided us. Elsewhere, lack of unity has led to lack of peace and people fighting because they have been unable to accept that despite our differences we all need each other and can benefit from those differences. People have chosen to fight for who they are rather than accept that everyone has value,” he added.

President Kagame recognized the continued efforts made by all Rwandans in order to build a better Rwanda everyday.

“We are where we are because our vision is clear and people are ready to find solutions to their issues.”

On the topic of regional stability, President Kagame reminded those present that it is up to countrymen and country leaders to influence the direction of their states.

“There is a need, however, for each country to take responsibility for their actions. What is needed is a leadership that serves the people they lead. Lies or deflecting responsibility is not leadership.”

Speaking during question and answer session, Burundians thanked President Kagame for having opened his doors to Burundian refugees despite the attacks he has had to endure.

A Rwandan residing in the US thanked President Kagame for the opportunities the country leadership continues to give to young people to also actively contribute to the development of the country, and assured those present that he is using his skills to put Rwanda on the global map.

President Kagame ended his visit to Boston with a keynote address concluding the Africa Business Conference organized by African students of the Harvard Business School.