Kigali, 31 October, 2012

President Kagame today received and held discussions with the United States Under Secretary for Political Affairs in the US Department of State, Ambassador Wendy Sherman who called on him at his office, accompanied by the Deputy Under Secretary for African Affairs, Cynthia Akueteh.

After the meeting, Ambassador Sherman said that the US believes that Rwanda will do a good job as member of the UN Security council:

“We had a very substantive discussion with President Kagame about issues in the region and in the world and covered a myriad of subjects over a very long discussion. We began with congratulating Rwanda for gaining a seat on the UN Security Council and the US looks forward to working with Rwanda on issues of common concern in January when Rwanda joins and we will offer whatever support we can.”

Concerning the relationship between Rwanda and the US, Ambassador Sherman said Rwanda and US have worked together on different issues and that both Rwanda and the US have aspirations for peace, security and prosperity:

“Clearly I was very welcomed here today and we had very deep discussions. There are times in every relationship when you have disagreements, but the strength of a relationship is whether you can talk about those disagreements and decide what is foremost in your objectives and our objectives remain the same and that is to achieve peace, security and prosperity for both our citizens.”

On the situation in Congo and the region as a whole, Ambassador Sherman said her discussions with President Kagame covered the relationships in the region and the desire for all countries to have peace and prosperity and the importance that all countries support Congo to exert control and authority over its borders in order to ensure security for its neighbors:

“I know all countries in the region are committed to see Congo being a place of peace and security as there have been efforts in the past which have brought some peace and security, although it has not reached where everyone would like it to be. I certainly had a sense today of a renewal of Rwanda’s commitment it has made in the past and continues to make for peace in the region. I think Rwanda, for its own interest wants to bring its capabilities, understanding and support as the Congo works to take full responsibility to exert state authority to bring and security within its borders.”

The US Under Secretary for Political Affairs is also visiting South Africa, Democratic Republic of Congo, Uganda and Ethiopia to meet and hold discussions on global and regional issues.