Kigali, 25 March 2015

President Kagame today received over 20 students from Stanford University Graduate School of Business who are in Rwanda for a five-day study visit.

The students whose background include a variety of sectors including telecom, finance, non profit and technology spoke to President Kagame about leadership, business as well as Rwanda’s story of liberation.

When asked about the kind of leadership that allows Rwanda to move forward, President Kagame referred to inclusion as key:

“As a leader, including in business, you are better off if you care. We are making sure everybody is a stakeholder. We are in this together and we solve challenges together.”

President Kagame added that past hardships are what motivate Rwandans hard work towards socio-economic transformation:

“Knowing that you deserve better drives you to look for a solution and give you the motivation to have what it takes.”

In a tweet following the meeting, President Kagame added:

“Challenges we faced as a nation are our motivation to transform lives of Rwandans. Rwanda’s transformation is about everyone having a stake and believing change is up to us.”

The students’ trip which covers both Rwanda and Kenya was themed “Developing innovative models for a new world,” and is focused on learning from innovative business models, products and leadership.

President Kagame last received Stanford University Graduate School of Business students in March 2013.