Netherlands, 3 October 2015

President Kagame has stated that unlike it was before liberation, Rwanda is no longer ‘too small’ to accommodate all of its citizens. While addressing more than four thousand Rwandans and friends of Rwanda today in Netherlands, President Kagame said any Rwandan who wished to return home would find a place in his country where they would be able to contribute to the recreation of a new nation.

President Kagame pointed out that the developed nations where Rwandans and other Africans migrate in pursuit of a better life, were at the same stage of development as most African nations 50 years ago:

“Rwanda must be a nation that stands tall. We are on the path of recreating our nation. Youth must carry this legacy forward. Nations that made progress in last 50 years leaving Africa behind made progress because they chose to define their own path. Africa is where it is because we chose to be defined and developed by others. What you see today is what they wanted us to be. If we want to be a new Rwanda, change the course of history, we must define our own life. It is easy to sit around and live off leftovers. But it means giving up your dignity and your freedom of choice.”


President Kagame stated that the development of Rwanda is not based on its size but on the mindset, determination and work ethics:

“Some can argue about how far our nation has come in the last 21 years. But the truth cannot be hidden. Debate is not an end in itself, its purpose is to exchange ideas but it must form the basis of action. Reducing child mortality, food security for the first time, gender equality. The truth of Rwanda progress speaks for itself.”

President Kagame thanked Rwandans and friends of Rwanda for coming together to celebrate Rwanda and put our hands together to change the course of the nation’s history.

The Netherlands gathering is the 7th edition of Rwanda Day.