Kigali, 27 May 2017

President Kagame met with more than 2000 participants of Itorero for artists, sportsmen and media practitioners at Kigali Convention Center today. Sportsmen included past medal winners and members of different teams while artists comprised of musicians, actors, plastic artists as well as dancers. They were meeting with President Kagame to celebrate their achievemnts and thank him for his support.

Addressing the Itorero graduates, President Kagame encouraged them to use their potential to reach excellence in their respective fields and called all responsible institutions to use resources available to ensure no talent is wasted.:”Have humility but also the strength to exercise your talent and go beyond being a spectator on the sidelines : I refuse to accept that we lack people of exceptional talent. We are ready to provide our support but you must be ready and willing to put in the work.” He added that :” There are talented people around the world who live in the same environment we live in. ¬†Rwanda can achieve a lot using fewer resources. We should not allow our potential to be wasted.

On the role that all artists, sportsmen and women, members of the media play in the country’s development, President Kagame assured them that they are an essential element to the country’s development and social cohesion.

During this meeting, representatives from each field presented Imihigo and outcomes from previous Itorero assembly. President Kagame took this opportunity to congratulates Rwanda cycling team for its success as well as Salome Nyirarukundo, winner of the Kigali Peace half marathon.