Ruhango, 27 July 2010

Amidst a large gathering numbering over 80,000 men, women and young adults from the District of Ruhango, President Paul Kagame began his message with the greeting “Aba iwacu Muraho” meaning “hello to you my home.”  Addressing his birth town, President Kagame shared the vision of RPF as one that aims to promote the values that have always defined Rwandans “… our common humanity, our dignity and the love and service to our country and each other.”

This message resonated with the youth representative of Ruhango-Hussein Mwashima- who thanked the president for his initiative to encourage youth entrepreneurship throughout the nation.

After finishing secondary school, Hussein and ten of his friends pooled their resources and invested in an income generating activity – a model initiated and promoted by RPF leadership.Today, Hussein has made a profit of over 2.5 million francs from his investment in agriculture, and plans to buy his own car in the near future. Hussein ended his testimony by expressing his appreciation for the focused attention that RPF leadership has placed in its population and for

President Kagame’s continuous dedication to empowering youth to believe that they have the power and capability to rebuild their own country. Hussein’s parting message on behalf of the youth of Ruhango was “we guarantee that we will make the right choice and vote for you, President Kagame.

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