Rubavu, 23 July 2010

President Kagame today at the RPF rally in Nyundo, Rubavu told residents of the district that they were making the right choice with the RPF for continued development, and that this path should not abandoned, “Choosing the RPF is opting for peace, development, food security, agricultural development, health, education, sustained environment and increased prosperity”.

President Kagame thanked the PDI, PDC and EDPR political parties that had decided to align themselves to the RPF for the upcoming elections and said that RPF remains the right choice as it has set the country on the right path, even choosing to work with those it defeats in elections.
President Kagame described residents of Rubavu as hardworking and law abiding, encouraged all to strive for continued progress, maintain hope and dignity, and pledged that the RPF would get them to the vision of prosperity that lies ahead.